Geologic Excursions In The Greater Los Angeles Area


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Spring 1989

Geologic Excursions in the Greater Los Angeles Area

  1. Geology of the St. Francis Dam Site, Los Angeles County, California
  2. Geology of Mesozoic Plutonic Rocks, Central and Western San Gabriel Mountains
  3. Field Trip to a Portion of the Western San Gabriel Mountains
  4. Late Tertiary to Recent Chronology of the Los Angeles Basin
  5. Submarine Fan Growth by Offset Stacking of Elongate Fan Lobes
  6. the Yorba Linda (Fernando), Doheny and San Clemente (Capistrano) Channels and the Capistrano Submarine Fan
  7. Introduction to the Geology of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the Point Fermin Submarine Fan
  8. Point Fermin Submarine Fan Field Trip

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Lorence G. Collins

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April 1989




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