Geology Of The Mojave Desert And Adjacent Terranes


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Spring 2003

Geology of the Mojave Desert and Adjacent Terranes

  1. Geology and Minerals of the Mojave Desert
  2. Mojave Desert: An Introduction
  3. Desert Landforms and Pisgah Crater
  4. Geologic Guide from Ontario to the North-central Part of Joshua Tree National Park
  5. The Origin of Morongo Valley, An Extensional Basin in the Eastern Transverse Ranges
  6. Field Trip to the 1992 Landers Earthquake Rupture and the Blackhawk Landslide
  7. Field Trip to Active Faults of the Inland Empire
  8. Revisit 1969 Cucamonga Floods and Subsequent City Development

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Marlin Dickey, Judy Ann Lowman

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March 2013




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