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Conference Field Guides






Fall 2012 Hughes, N., and Hayes, G., eds. Geological Excursions in the Sonora Pass Region of the Sierra Nevada (through Sunbelt Publications ISBN 978-0-9606704-4-4) $29.95  
Spring 2011   Southern California: L.A. Basin and Mojave Desert $25.00  
Fall 2010 Troop, P., and Putirka, K., eds. Geology of the Central Sierra Nevada and Coast Ranges $35  
Spring 2009 Mario Caputo, editor Geologic Diversity around Los Angeles and Vicinity (contents and description) $25  
Fall 2008 Todd Green, editor Convergent Margin Tectonics in and Around Chico, Northern California, 68 p. $20  
Spring 2008 Alan P. Trujillo, editor Geoscience Investigations in Northern San Diego County and Beyond: Student-Directed Explorations, 175 p. $20  
Fall 2007 Hayes and Hootman, editors Lava Beds National Monument, $20  
Spring 2007 Frank, Lozinsky, Willis, editors Geology of the Coachella Valley Region $20  
Fall 2006 Jeff Tolhurst, editor Geology of the Central Sierra Nevada, 161 p. $20.00  
Spring 2006 Jeff Grover, editor Geology of the Central California Coast, 94 p. (contents and description) $20.00  
2006 D.D. Trent Mines and Geology of the Randsburg Area: An Historical Gem of the Mojave Desert, 38 p. $15.00  
Fall 2005 Martin and Goode, editors A Teacher's Guidebook to the Southern Sierra: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, the Great Western Divide and the Sierra Nevada Foothills(contents and description) $15.00  
Spring 2005 Noyes, Holliday, Herzig, Fielding, editors

The Eastern Mojave Desert (contents and description)

Spring 2004 de Groot, Cooper and Song, editors Welcome to Earthquake Country: Faults of Los Angeles, Geology of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the La Brea Tar Pits $15.00  
September 2003 Dillet, Brigitte, Ed. Geology and Geologic Hazards in the Carson-Tahoe Area, 97p. $15.00  
Spring 2003 Dickey, Marlin and Lowman, Judy Ann (editors) Geology of the Mojave Desert and Adjacent Terranes. 123 p. $15.00  
2002 Trent, Dee D. and Hazlett, Richard Joshua Tree National Park Geology $9.95  
September 2002 Swain, Walter and Miyashita, Henry editors. Hydraulic Mining, Delta Land Use, and Water Resources of the Sacramento and American Rivers, 88p. $15.00  
April 2002 Rowland, Stephen M. and Orndorff, Richard L. editors. Geology the Southern Nevada Region, 99p. $15.00  
Sept 2001 Stoffer, Phillip W. and Gordon, Leslie C. editors. Geology and Natural History of the San Francisco Bay Area. USGS Bulletin 2188. Available for FREE download at http://pubs.er.usgs.gov/usgspubs/b/b2188 $0.00  
April 2001 Davies-Vollum, Sian. editor. San Antonio Canyon, Mount San Antonio, Cajon Pass and Wrightwood Areas, Southern California, 124p. $15.00  
Sept 2000 Brooks, Elwood R. and Dida, Lena Tabilio, editors. Field Guide to the Geology and Tectonics of the Northern Sierra Nevada, 212p. Order from California Geological Survey $25.00  
April 2000 Weigand, Peter, Savage, Karen, Fritsche, Eugene. Eds. The Incredible Cenozoic Geologic History of Southern California, 115p./td> $15.00  
SSept 1999 Hirt, William, editor. Across the Kalmath/Cascade Frontier, 87p. $15.00  
March 1999 . Licari, Gerald, John Grimmer and Joan Licari Geology of the Death Valley Region, Eastern California. 77p./td> $15.00  
Sep 1998 Hayes, Garry (editor) The Living Geology of the Sierra Nevada, Great Valley, and Coast Ranges of California. 163 p. $15.00  
April 1998 Caputo, Mario, Ed. Geology of the Southeastern Sierra Nevada, Revisited, 116p. $15.00  
SSep 1997 Dillet, Brigitte (compiler) Where the Sierra Nevada Meets the Basin and Range. 72p. $12.00  
April 1997 Deen, Patricia, Metzler, Chris, Trujillo, Al, Editors Geology and Paleontology of the Anza-Borrego Region, California, 157p./td> $15.00
Fall 1995/td> Pearson, E. F. (editor.) EEnvironmental and Engineering Geology of Central California: Salinian Block to Sierra Foothills and Workshops for Geoscience Educators. 78 p. $5.00  
Fall 1994/td> Hilton, Richard Guidebook to Selected Geologic Field Trips in Northern California: A) The Sierra Nevada, B) Sutter Buttes, C) Northern Sierra Foothills, D) Coloma Gold Discovery Site. 107 p. $10.00  
Mar 1994 HHughes, P., Lozinsky, R., and Roquemore, G. R. Field Geology in Orange County, California: Geology/Paleontology of Clark Regional Park, Puente Hills; Miocene El odeno Volcanics; Geology of the Upper Newport Bay; Flood Control along the Santa Ana River; Urbanization in Chino Hills; Sespe Formation, Christianitos Fault. 124 p. $10.00
Sept 1993/td> Danielson, Joanne (convenor) Field Trips: 1) Quaternary Geology of Mt. Shasta and Vicinity by William R. Hirt; 2) Castle Crags Pluton by Walter R. Vennum; 3) Environmental Concerns in Shasta and Trinity Counties including the Mar 1990 and Nov 1991 issues of California Geology.110 p. $2.00  
Oct 1992 Erickson, Rolfe Marin and Sonoma County Field Trips: 1) Pt. Reyes/San Andreas Fault; 2) The Geysers Geothermal Area; 3) Cazadero and Ward Creek Blueschist Areas. 170 p. $10.00  
October 1991/td> Barabas, Arthur H. (editor) Geology, Gold Deposits, and Mining History of the Southern Mother Lode. 123 p. $10.00  
May 1990 Trent, D. D. Road Log and Geology of the Central San Bernardino Mts., Southern California. 68 p. $10.00  
April 1989/td> Collins, Larry G. Geologic Excursions in the Greater Los Angeles Area, 85p. $10.00  
April 1988/td> Gaskin, Lori. Ed. Geologic Excursions in the Eastern Mojave Desert, 137p. $15.00  
Oct 1987 Hirschfield, Sue (editor.) The Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, and the Hayward Fault in Hayward and San Leandro, California. 83 p. $2.00  
March 1985/td> Herber, Larry Road Log and Geology and Geothermal Energy of the Salton Trough. 171 p. $2.00  
Feb 1985 Steller, Dorothy (coordinator) Robert Wallace Webb Memorial Symposium: Quaternary Slip Rates and Earthquake Hazards; Accretion along Coastal Oregon and Washington; Borehole Remote Sensing and Microcomputer Software; Arc Magnetism; Seismic Hazard Analysis; and Stretched Pebble Conglomerates in the Caledonian Paradox. 51 p. $2.00  
Oct 1985 Schweikert, R. A., and Firby, J. R. Field Trips: A) Field Trip Guide to the Northern Sierra Nevada, B) Self-Guiding Photo Tour of Geologic Features of the Reno and Lake Tahoe Areas, Nevada and California. 51 p. $2.00  
March 1984/td> Pipkin, B W. (compiler) A) Field trip to Santa Catalina Island. B) Geology of Santa Catalina Island and nearby basins. 78 p. $2.00  
Oct 1983 Fowkes, E. J. Selected Field Trips, and 1983 earthquake discussion, Coalinga, CA area. 97 p. $2.00  
April 1981 Woyski, M. S. (editor.) Three Geology Road Logs and Text: 1) Eastern Puente HIlls, 2) Coastal Orange county, and 3) Coyote Hills and Chevron's Research Production Facilities. 103 p. $2.00  
July 1981 Keller, E. A. (editor.) Quaternary Stratigraphy, Soil Geomorphology and Tectonics of the Ventura, Ojai, and Santa Paula Areas, Western Transverse Ranges, California. 159 p. $2.00  
March 1975 Lebow, R. (editor.) Three Field Trips in Southern California: San Andreas-San Jacinto Faults by Bernard Pipkin; Pegmatite Minerals by William B. Rowley, and Ecology of a Coastal Community by Martin Link. 32p. $2.00  
1974 Level, H., Goforth, D., and Ramelli, W. Geologic Sites in Ventura County - A Teacher's Guide. 47 p. $2.00  
April 1973 Manning, John C. Areas of active faulting and shallow subsidence in the southern San Joaquin Valley, 22 p. $2.00  
Fall 1972/td> Threet, R. L. Some Geologic Hazards and Environmental Impact of Development in the San Diego Area. 45 p. $2.00